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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
So lets say we have player A with 525 games/750 points vs player B with 650 games/800 points.

By your criteria player B should be worth more right?
I mean hell, we could take player B in his best 525 games and then add his "extra" 125 games played and it's worth more than player A's just 525 right?
Still getting a player with at or around a PpG in those extra 125 games right?
Why the distraction?

We aren't talking about 125 extra games here we are talking about close to 600 and the criteria is pure offense regular season right?

Mario also wasn't a god the entire 900 GP either, his peak is higher than Jagr's sure but Jagr has a huge advantage on the prime, which is basically his entire career outside of his first 2 years.

As to your last point, even you have to admit that scoring points came harder in Jagr's era than Mario's right?

Or are you going to cling onto some crazy notion that scoring goals was just as easy in 86 as it was in 98 (for example?

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