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02-06-2007, 03:47 PM
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Stop begging to play the kids, it isnt gonna happen - GET OVER IT!!!

There are two main reasons why the Rangers arent playing the kids:

1) They are not ready to play in the NHL, since most of them arent great to begin with thanks to Don Maloney.
2) Sather never intentioned to play the kids.

Every day I come on this site to post I see at least another 50 posts regarding playing player X from Hartford in player Y's spot. Its not going to happen, and heres why:

The Rangers have drafted poorly over the past few years, and all of their " big guns " they picked up years ago have done anything at all, and are just sitting in the minors. Don also managed for the Islanders, and the teams he fielded there were HORRIBLE.

PLAYING THE KIDS HAS NEVER BEEN A PART OF SATHER'S GAMEPLAN. When in the past few years have you seen Slats make a push to play the youth? Never. Just like Tom Renney, I highly doubt that Sather will change his performance and attitude.

Why did he sign Shanahan instead of letting Dawes take his spot? Because he never intends to play the kids. Why did he sign Rachunek and Ward? Why did he make a deal for Avery? Yep, you guessed it.

As long as Sather is here, there will be no total youth push that so many of you guys crave. Sather has never played the kids in the previous years being part of the Rangers organization as a GM, and will NOT change his mind.

So If you want to argue all you want about who should be on the roster, so be it. But there is about a 1% chance that you are going to see Sather make a youth push before his tenure as the Rangers GM expires.

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