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02-06-2007, 04:05 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by nyrmessier011 View Post
I basically agree with your post. People do need to realize that we have the worst forward prospecst out of any team in the league. I'm no prospect expert, but come on. I mean, Cliche is considered one of our top offensive prospects, and we just traded him for Sean Avery. Give me a break. We have a few young defensemen, a trade bait goaltender and that's it. We have drafted so poorly that if we do play "the kids" we wont make the playoffs with them anymore than with some geezers, a couple young d-men and a young goalie. We have been the worst organization of the last ten years and will continue to be under Glen Sather.
I'm one of the few that wants to hold off a bit on the kids, but not becasue they suck...At forward, I actually think we have some good depth in the likes of Callahan, Dawes, Dubinsky, Moore?, Pyatt, Dupont, Byers and a few others...The problem is there is no top liner in the making...Great depth but we might be lucky if we get one or two 2nd liners out of it....OTOH, Having Montoya to go with Lundqvist in goal is as good as you get for young goalis, but I'm sure we draft one this coming year...And D aint that bad at all with Staal, Sauer, Snanguietti, Baranka and a few others...not the best system in the league, but it has made progress...

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