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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Does Jagr even have 600 total GP in which he didn't get a single point?
But that's not what you said, you said take Jagr's BEST 900 and THEN add in the other 600 "extra". Once you take away Jagr's 900 best, I guarantee you he doesn't maintain a PpG over the remaining 600.

your logic here leads me to see why you would take Mario's 900 over Jagr's 1500 if you think 125 and 600 GP at the same level means anything similar to each other.
My logic? I'm trying to figure out your logic.
All you're doing here is attempting to avoid answering because you know that player A is Crosby and player B is OV and you know that there's no way to defend your logic without shooting your self in the foot.

You're right though, 125 games isn't 600 but at the same time, Crosby doesn't have any where remotely close to the peak advantage on OV that Lemeiux has on Jagr either.
So clearly, under your criteria, OV should be the hands down pick for who you would rather have since 2005 right?

Once again the only seasons where Jagr has 55-60 points were

91-57 points
92-67 points
12- 54 points
13- 35 points in 45 GP and a 48 game season
14-48 points in 57 GP
Well...that's 325 games right there.
How about we add in the other 2 seasons (04 and 08) where Jagr wasn't a PpG player too, now we're up to 484 games and only 408 points (0.84PpG)
That leaves 964 games/1328 points (1.38PpG) for Jagr vs 915 games/1723 points (1.88PpG) for Lemeiux.
So your argument is that 408 points in 484 games somehow makes up that ridiculous gap?

As for the extra 600 GP needed, some of that is due to the differences in how scare goals are or are you going to ignore that reality?
Ummm took Jagr almost 60% more games to match Mario. The League average between today and 1989 is only around 30% harder to score and that's the League average devoid of what the actual % is between top tier scorers then and now which is closer to the 15% range.

Yes Mario was a superstar from his first season one were guys named Ogrodnick, Tonelli, McLean and Brent Sutter all had as many or more pints than Mario.
Yeah, Mario was 18 and on an absolutely terrible team, he followed that up finishing 2nd only to Gretzky in his second season. What's Jagr's excuse for taking 4 seasons to barely make the top 10?
BTW, aren't you the guy that argues Crosby's first 8 seasons over Jagr's first 8 seasons? You know despite Jagr playing 110 more games that Crosby over that span?

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