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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Find a Barry contemporary forward who was better than him in the playoffs, and I'll call you a liar.

Is that really hard to realize that the production was WAYY different in the 30ies?
Well from 30-35, when he was with the bruins he was 16th (basically all forwards) in playoff scoring behind 2 of his team mates and by all accounts Shore was a better playoff performer than he was as well

If we expand it for his whole career 30-39 (including his Detroit years) he is 1st, along with Conacher but those Detroit teams in those 3 years puts him over the top.

It was the Boston years that I was primarily focusing on and it's funny in larger samples when guys like Forsberg/Feds/Crosby and Dats came up there wasn't the same level of "excitement" over their playoff resumes or if there was it was very muted.

like I stated earlier with Detroit it was a group offensive attack with many players contributing to the offense and sure Barry was the offensive leader on those teams but he also wasn't in a situation were he carried his teams either, like other guys did in the playoffs that have come up like Teeder for instance (or Savard this round still).

i'm the first guy to admit that ranking guys we have never seen with less information is very difficult to do fairly with more recent guys that we can, and often do nitpick to death here.

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