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02-05-2014, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
Anyone who followed the Wings that season knows Bowman started resting players in the last month or so of the season. Lidstrom, for instance, sat out 4 games, and the team went 0-3-2-2 to end the season (overall record of 51-17-10-4). They built up a huge lead in the standings but it was still an odd thing to do and, in hindsight, probably a mistake by Bowman because the team got off track and didn't regain their form until game 3 against Vancouver. It could have went horribly wrong but they turned things around and the rest is history.

You know all this though of course since you're a big fan.
Actually, Nicklas Lidstrom had a groin injury. Which may have been code for spraying WD-40 on his robotic parts because Nicklas Lidstrom is an android.

Originally Posted by TSN
2002/04/10; Missed 3 games (groin).
2002/04/03; Groin, day-to-day.
2002/04/01; Missed 1 game (groin).
2002/03/30; Groin, day-to-day.

I guess I get to keep my Al the Octopus and Kozlov jersey, eh? It's a shame that my love for all-things-hockey and rational thinking gets in the way of pumping up the hometown. Best team ever! Woot. Woot.

Obviously not my favorite team (Ducks, Avalanche, Rangers, Oilers, Canadiens, Vipers, Knights - who knows who it is today...), and that primarily has to do with some widespread insecurity within the fanbase (so much so that we often see it even on HOH). After the 1990s run erased the Dead Wings era, too many of the fans think they have the best of all-time of everything: The best captain, the best two-way forward, the best defenseman, the best peaks, the best team; and they'll rush into any debate to make sure everyone knows it. It's off-putting, and it's probably Mitch Albom's fault. It's not everyone; HOH has several wonderful Red Wings fans, and some of them are among my favorite posters. But there are enough of the bad apples. And they like reminding me I'm not one of them.

This thread didn't need to happen. I blame the Detroit Free Press.

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