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02-06-2007, 07:37 PM
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How come nobody did this for this year? I was out of town and didn't notice, but now, looking back I realized nobody made one!

Most Valuable Poster: Mcphee - He exudes wisdom and musk
Most Offensive Poster (spends all his time attacking): Stephane_latulipe
Most Defensive Poster (spends all his time defending):
417 (though with a good cause)
Lady Byng (most peaceful Habs poster):
Blind Guardien
Most peaceful outsider: Transplanted upstater or TML
Best avatar: Quiet Robert
Best import (best foreign poster): GermanMontrealExpat/Quigon tie
Most Knowledgable Poster: Montreal/Qui Gon
Calder (Best rookie poster registered in 2006) : Alexei Yashvalev
Best veteran poster (registered in 2003): Gros Bill
Most overrated poster: TheN00bKing
Most underrated poster: All the mods
Most improved poster: ZNK
Most hilarious poster: Borat/ Nyquill/ AsTheGloriousWeep
Best Overall Poster: Mcphee

You guys know the drill!

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