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02-01-2004, 02:15 AM
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New York Rangers President/GM/head coach was found dead today. The body of the 60 year old hall of famer was found on the curb outside Madison Square Garden early this morning. According to police reports his face appeared chewed on and his right arm was missing from the elbow down (the arm was later found in the storm drain, clutching a soaked cigar). Police Commisioner James Gordon says that early indication is that he was bending over to pick up his cigar and was violently attacked. A few eye witnesses claimed to have seen a "psychotic clown with silver eyes and orange pom-pom buttons" at the alleged time of Sather's death.
Area resident Marvin Hamlish had this to say, "the clown had balloons. Balloons. And they were floating down...I was so scared."

We'll give you the latest as it developes.

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