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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
I saw something about Spec speculating on L. Schenn to the Oilers?

I dunno. Schenn has been shaky in his last season with the Leafs and with Philly.

At the same time, he's young enough where he can turn it around. Young D-man have some slumps all the time. Take Coburn and Myers for example.

At the same time, I'm not sure I have enough faith in MacT to get atleast a rock solid LHD to pair with Schenn to form a solid pairing. It'd have to be a clear cut top-pairing guy (think Edler).
Woah woah woah... I do not think he is being pursued to be a first pair RD... I htink MacT and Lowe just see Smith/Staios material in him and want to develop him right... we were once the best in NHL at turning around those kinds of guys into useful players

You know honestly I think The Captain would be a good mentor... they have similar strengths weaknesses... for all of Ference's failings so far he is a wily vet with lots to teach... just what Schenn could benefit from

?-J. Schultz
Ference-L. Schenn

Schultz is the one I worry about us ruining... has looked much better lately and will benefit from Olympic break more than any one player on our team... but he badly needs a minute eater LD to cover for him and teach him the game

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