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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Catch on to what?

Oh, God, are they going to find out that my favorite player is Patrick Roy? I think I might have mentioned that once or twice or 496 times. Gee, I wonder if they don't know that I think Teemu Selanne is a swell fellow or that Mark Messier walks on water.

I can't even argue that the 1997 Detroit Red Wings were better than the 2002 Detroit Red Wings without catching some static, and that's kinda my point. No one is out to get the Detroit Red Wings (I hate DALLAS); it's just that we don't see as many hyperbole threads from other franchises. And when we do, I'm generally in them too, talking about Eric Lindros.

Unless you want to make an argument about why the 2002 Detroit Red Wings were better than the 1977 Montreal Canadiens - or even the 1997 Detroit Red Wings - I really don't see much sense in continuing this discussion with you.
You weren't just arguing about the '97 team vs. '02, you tried to downplay that '02 team by stating they simply didn't have any good teams to compete with that season. Fact is they had the Presidents Trophy in the bag by March and Bowman, for once, took his foot off the pedal, which probably hurt the team and their final record. Then you tried to deny Bowman rested Lidstrom (and others players, I assume), which is simply untrue. I remember all the talk back then and Bowman definitely started resting players far earlier than I've seen any team do before or after.

Keep holding onto your Al the Octopus souvenir. I'm glad you admitted you are not a fan of the Wings cause that got old a long time ago.

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