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G.A.G. Line Memories

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I'm not even saying Hadfield who scored 50 goals in 1972. I know that his attitude wasn't the best during that tournament and he didn't do well himself when he played. I will say in his defense that the ones that have made him look bad in hindsight were Eagleson and Sinden who aren't exactly the most noble people. To this day, from their own mouths (including Rick Martin) the other Canadians on the team never treated them differently for deserting them mid-tournament. There were a lot of lies told to them.

Alright, so it isn't as if I'm pining for Hadfield here. But Ratelle? Isn't he good enough to knock one of those guys from the list? I would reckon that Ratelle is almost an automatic on that team. You've got to slide him in there somewhere don't you think? As more than just a spare.
Big Phil, nobody was a bigger fan of the G.A.G. Line than yours truly. In the late 60s/early 70s I made a point of listening to the Rangers' games on the radio precisely because of that trio. That said, I can not be accused of overlooking or underestimating either of Rod Gilbert's linemates.

I'm glad you mentioned Vic Hadfield. Remember his first few seasons in the NHL? He was, then, a lot like Steve Ott, although maybe a little more willing to drop his gloves. With Jean Ratelle and Gilbert, #11 became a legitimate goal scorer, and, yes, remained such with the Penguins.

Gilbert may be remembered as a shooter, but, as his statistics and Hadfield's goal-scoring demonstrate, he was actually quite a playmaker. Imagine how effective he would have been with Phil Esposito and Bobby Hull, another 50-goal scorer like Hadfield.

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