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02-05-2014, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
That's also the move that was rumoured to be the last straw for Lowe and Katz and spurred on the replacement of Tambo with MacT. So at least it got rid of Tambo.
It got rid of Tambo, but is MacT any better? I'm not as confident as some others here that MacT is a "smart hockey guy" and is miles better than Tambo, and he sure hasn't proven it thus far.
I guess we'll see.

Also, I'm all for dealing Gagner, but dealing him for a combination of 4th liners or draft picks is the definition of selling low and asset mismanagement. Clifford is a glorified Ben Eager this season and that's the possible centerpiece for a decent scoring 2nd line player? Yeesh.
I sure hope that MacT isn't dumb enough to deal Gagner at rock bottom low value. He screwed the pooch by not dealing him in the offseason as an RFA coming off of a career season.
Same with Yakupov. This would be the worst possible time to deal him.

As far as the trade threads are concerned.
Why not just leave the Trade Rumor thread stickied with a note in bold that the thread is for "RUMORS ONLY" and leave the proposal thread where it currently is?
They did that on the Business board with the lockout news and it worked out just fine.
Having both threads unstickied understandably creates a lot of confusion.

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