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02-05-2014, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
What if the Oilers went a different route and rolled with 3 solid pairs of #3/4 d-men instead of trying to worry about landing that big fish and trading away big assets to get it?

You could play whoever was going that particular night a little more and switch things up from game to game depending on who matched up well with who.

This way we'd never be relying too much on one or two guys but being able to roll with 6 solid interchangeable D that could go on any given night.

Perhaps this would free up money to be spent else wear?
In the end I'm pretty sure it will be a mix of this and trading said valuable assets.

For example we'll probably go after Nikitin in free agency due to him playing top-4 minutes and doing well a season or two ago.

Then take a change on Schenn who shouldn't cost an arm to acquire and hope to get his development back on track (like Coburn and Philly way back when) to be a top-4 guy.

Lastly, spend some significant assets on an actual top-pairing LHD (hypothetically lets say Edler). We're going to pray that through all this mixing and matching, we can finally ice something that resembles and NHL caliber D.

The problem with having a myriad of issues (apart from the D, #2 C and 1A/B goaltender) is that you either burn through a ton of your assets (prospects/picks/cap space/players) to fill them or you have to take chances like the ones we will probably have to take.

I doubt we do multiple major trades (Ebs for something for example) so I think we'll have to take a sort of balanced approach.

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