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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Well, come on... there's an obvious gap between the second and the third. To me, that would be like putting Martin Brodeur as the third-best goaltender or Mark Messier as the third-best center when they are a noticeable distance from their two contemporaries. They're's up in the range, sure, but it's a bit insulting to the rest of history to say that not only is there a gap between 1/2 and 3 in the era, but that their 3 is better than everyone else's 1.

It's not like Gordie Howe doesn't have better accolades than Jaromir Jagr...

I just don't know how you would approach the argument to put three players of one era that high when there is an obvious gap in the era without it kinda insulting the rest of hockey history. There were some good scorers in the first two-thirds of hockey history.
I did those rankings rather hastily. It's certainly difficult to compare all the offensive greats of the past 70 years, over multiple time frames (peak, prime, career... the first two of which are not easily defined).

I'm not trying to slight the rest of hockey history. I think it's probably between Howe & Jagr for third, but I also think those two have some argument vs. Lemieux, primarily on a career basis (talking purely offense... overall, even prime becomes an argument IMO).

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