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02-05-2014, 08:03 PM
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I'm going to give my 2 cents on the Suter matter. This goes back to the year Hamhuis was a free agent the year before. In everyone's estimation we were going forward with the big 3 as the core of our team. At that point, we had to make a decision on Hamhuis and we decided that the playoff run was important to us, that he was an important piece at that time and if it meant losing him in the offseason so be it, we still have Weber and Suter to anchor us defensively and we couldn't afford Hamhuis at the price he was asking. Fair enough. I agree with that decision at the time.

Now we move forward and we're making a serious push for the playoffs, Suter is a main cog for us and we've added pieces to help us in the playoffs. Prognosticators thought we won the trade deadline, the re-acquisition of Radulov was a huge coupe. We flame out in the second round and Suter signs in Minny. We're all blind sided and ticked off beyond belief. What happened? How could this happen? It doesn't matter, it happened. It sucked, still does and here we are almost two years later trying to figure out what went wrong. Well, here's my take on it.

We mismanaged assets. At the time of not having Hamhuis or Suter signed long term seemed fine to me but in retrospect, I was wrong and here's why. Regardless of whether or not we were pushing for the playoffs, you still have to get something for a solid second pairing defenseman who has turned into a top pairing guy for Vancouver and an elite defender in Suter. You can lose one possibly but you can't lose both for nothing, even for playoff runs. We would've gotten something in return, possibly a top forward for Suter, possibly a lot of depth for him, possibly a top 6 even for Hamhuis.

Now here's where I think Poile really blew it. He wanted Weber and Suter as his anchors. If that's what he wanted, he should've inked them both to lifetime deals to stay here. When Suter didn't sign in that offseason and before free agency started, he should've been traded for the forward help we desperately needed and he could've then offered the money to Hamhuis that he received from Vancouver, even more if he wanted to keep him as opposed to letting him walk. To me, at worst we would've been sitting with Weber, Hamhuis, Klein and Josi as our top 4 plus whatever we would've acquired in a Suter trade. If he had wanted to go to Minny, we could've had one of their young forwards and we'd be in a lot better situation than we're in now.

Granted, hindsight is 20/20 but as some have said, you have to think outside the comfort zone or box on occasion and while it may not have been the best move at the time, we would've had other pieces coming back that would be valuable to us today as well as a pretty incredible D corp which we could've used to help bolster the forwards if we so chose to do. Instead, we've got two very good defenseman we developed with nothing to show for it but two second round playoff loses. It's easy to second guess but at the same time you have to maximize your assets short term and long term.

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