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02-05-2014, 08:30 PM
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To me he is........................???

Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
The team is worse than it was last season.
He hired Eakins and kept his buddies Bucky and Smith, offered Clarkson a disgustingly inflated contract, didn't address the goaltending in the offseason and thought that a Dubnyk-LaBarbera duo was a feasible solution to start the season, signed Grebs, made a bunch of WTF deals at the draft out what seemed to be frustration in not being able to close the Coburn deal and promised bold, culture changing moves none of which occurred.

For all the praise for the Perron and Gordon deals, there are just as many if not more poor moves that he made so yeah, not really better than Tambo thus far.
What I see is a lot of shuffling of deck chairs and inability to close bigger deals. Seems Tamboish to me with the difference that MacT flapped his gums about bold moves while Tambo didn't say much of anything.

In fairness, it's still early in his tenure, but I think it's ridiculous that he gets praise for not doing much. I've seen many posters say that he's miles better than Tambo and there's simply no evidence to back that up. It's probably a lot of the same posters who liked him as the coach and seem to heap unearned praise upon him.

My friend, to me MacT is already miles ahead of Tambellini...........I'd rather have someone who attempted something and Failed than someone who sat and did nothing.

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