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02-05-2014, 11:02 PM
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First, how does anyone comment on the oilers board and NOT know we went after Schneider, Bernier, and Bishop....AND we also went after Scrivens as a back up in the fall (LABAR WAS A SAFETY NET)

What i also want to point out is that (i should point out that i didnt want the Oilers going after Clarkson because it was said he was looking for as high as 6mill) MacT went on team 1260 in the summer and already stated that he was fine with people mad at him for offering that contract. He said, had Clarkson signed, he would have gotten the player type he felt we needed to compete in our division for free. You have to pay for the fact yiu dont give up an asset and edmonton as a city will always have to pay a black hole premium. What he also said is that there were deals waiting to be finalized pending the acquisition of Clarkson. He didnt dive deeper into it.

Educated guess is that a RW would have been moved for a defenseman.

What is funny is how people will complain about eberle, complain MacT went all in on a free acquisition of size grit and decent hands...who is big in tight hockey like the playoffs and you against big checking teams like our division... Complain of our lack of size and grit...complain we bring guys in with no experience...complain MacT didnt move Hemsky, complain that MacT shopped Gagner but couldnt find anything that included a centre back (for a season where RNH was going to miss a month and Gordon would have been our lone Nhl centre).

Oh and btw MacT went after Hendricks in the summer too...but guess one chooses to come to edmonton for the city. You pretty much have to trade for guys and have them here so you can show them its not so bad. Then you also put them in a bad position of having to turn their backs to you rather than saying no to a group you have never met. Trading for scrivens is putting him in the position to know the group...and if he says no to a contract offer he has to do it with all eyes watching...not as some guy who has never met the team.

Is it too much to ask for people to pay attention. ?.and do math?

Btw in the 1260 interview... I believe MacT went from the Clarkson contract into talking about Yakupov...who Florida had had interest in. It was MacT who inadvertently bridged those two thoughts which makes one think there was a mental bridge connection of Ckarksons signing and Yakupov.
I have been hoping, since that interview, that an insider would provide details of what was "pending" tge clarkson signing. All i know was Fla was rumored to be very interested in yak at the draft and after.

Keep in mind...the mental bridge could have been mact thinking of yak taking on a bigger role on the team had the pending trades been pushed forward. So eberle or hemsky might have been moved. I still think it would have been a minor move of hemsky to get a lesser return than mact wanted but could now accept with clarkson signed...and the contract gone would have made clarksons contract only a 500k difference. Yak can play on the left which is what he did mostly under kreuger for 5on 5. Mact had been pushing hard for a couple dmen at the end of june though so eberle or yak could have been on the table for a gudbranson maybe.

My point is...i cant say the clarkson signing would have been bad. I cant take clarksons time in toronto and say he wouldnt work here. That him jumping the bench to clobber scott for attacking kessel was something i wouldnt want on my team. Our division is also pretty different. I also cant say that i know what was on the table to change this team should we be able to move a yakupov and this past summers value.

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