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02-01-2004, 02:55 AM
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Poor behavior today

I can't remember the last time I started a new post, but today's childish and embarrassing behavior on this board has prompted me to have to say something.

I have read this board for 5-6 years and have posted for a little while. I don't post as often as many (for those who consider # of posts to be a sign of quality). I have been a Habs fan for over 20 years and have been a member of the media at the Junior A level, having interviewed Danny Heatley, Krys Kolanos, Theo Fleury, etc. I am also a minor hockey coach. I moved to Manitoba from Alberta a couple of years ago and as a result miss being near a hotbed of NHL hockey.

Why do I mention all of that? Because I have been around hockey for a long time. Being a real hockey fan and supporting your team involves passion and dedication, especially for Habs fans in recent years. What I saw today was an embarrassment to all Habs fans and the hockey club itself. Normally I avoid reading threads by certain posters because of a tendency to post nonsense. That is difficult to do with a game thread. I was away this afternoon (coaching), and when I came back home I was disappointed to see the outcome against the Bruins. Then, when I came to the HF site and this board I was appalled at the behavior of the fans on the game thread. Yes there were some Bruins fans who behaved badly, but there were as many or more Habs fans who acted like they were 10 years old (I'm sorry to 10 year olds for saying that). Name calling and constantly referring to the last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup gets old in a hurry. The Habs haven't won a cup since '93. That's not exactly recent history. My guess is some of the posters here weren't even in their teens then.

Sorry for the length of this post but I will wrap it up with these thoughts. For whatever you want to say about free speech, ignorant and idiotic posts like I saw today will only make intelligent and reasonable posters want to look elsewhere to read about the Habs. For the sake of this board, please try to represent Habs fans and the Habs themselves in the dignified manner that we and they deserve.

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