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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I blame Cally's demands on David Clarkson.
Players have been paid like this for years. I understand that some kids on a message board don't figure it out, but its troublesome when Slats don't. When Slats instead of asking for long contracts fights them with tooths and nails.

Scott Hartnell signed for six years and 4m per in 07/08. The cap was 50.3m. His portion of the cap was 4.2m / 50.3 = 0,0835. With a 71m cap that is 5,95m per.

At that point, Scott Hartnell had:

-scored 25 goals once

-a career year with 48 pts

-scored more than 40 pts two times in 6 years in the NHL

Philly gave him six years and a 0,0835 portion of their cap which is compareable to just under 6m this off-season. It was a lot when he signed the contract, sure. But the year after the cap was 56.7m. The contract only had a 0,074 portion of their cap, which is compare able not to 5.95m per but 5.2m per with a 71m cap. A 700k "diffrence". When the contract went out the porition of the cap was 0.06 which is compare to 4m this off-season.

There are all kind of contracts like this. Much more extreme examples than Hartnell who's contract in comparision is pretty modest. And like who remembers that like Marty Straka had a 0.0795 porition of our cap in 05'? That is equal to 5.6m per next season.

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