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02-06-2014, 07:14 AM
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Seems like RB is getting frustrated with Ola and I don't blame him. Yes Ola looking at current AND potential cap % is important but that's just about the only thing you are correct about. For some reason you think Callahan should be taking up a bit more cap% AND years than he should be. Ryan Callahan is not an all star or near all star talent like Nash is. Callahan is currently our 3rd line RW and is frequently injured at an age where speed (one of his primary assets) is going to start to fall off. He is not worth the risk, he is not worth the cap%.

7 years 5.5 mil. 3 or 4 years from now his play will start to fall off and we will curse this contract but I'd do it. Because that is actually the % cap he is worth.

I'd also do 6 x 6

or 5 x 6.25

Guy is not even close to being a 30g scorer right now. He's in the range of 35-45 points every year going forward. That kind of production does not warrant 7 x 7+

Also your hartnell comparison is horrible. Hartnell signed that contract in 2007 when he was I think 26 years old with some potential growth still left. He went on to score 30 goals in multiple seasons because he had room for growth. Callahan on the other hand has shown what he was capable of which was a career best 29G 54 pt. his scoring and play has dropped off since.

26 yo Hartnell gets 6 years. Had room to improve
29 yo Callahan wants 7. Has already declined in play

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