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Originally Posted by Armourboy View Post
The problem with the whole MSL argument is there is no guarantee that if he had come here that he would of blossomed into the talent that he did in Tampa. Sure its entirely possible that he could have, but lets not act like we have ever had anyone near the caliber of scoring forwards that Tampa has had in his time there.

As far as Suter goes, its a matter of your personal view on the whole thing imo. Poile saw his chance to make a drive for a cup and he took it. I can remember on the Preds board arguing about it back then, and the same things were going around then. Do we trade him? Do we keep him and try and make a run? Poile gambled and lost, had we made it to the SCF or heck maybe even the Conference Finals then I think several things end up different. Maybe at that point forwards do want to be here, seeing a chance to grab a Cup, Suter and Weber both stay and who knows what happens.

Frankly, I think if the AK/Radulov thing is handled differently and we get by the Phoenix series this franchise is in a completely different place today. We did though, and because the GM gambled and lost we've got to deal with that.

I still shake my head at it, one freaking series probably ended up changing this franchises fortune far more than it should have.
As far as I'm concerned, one PLAYER did it. Mike freaking Smith. He caught lightning in a bottle for a two or three week period and was the biggest reason they won that series and it wasn't even close. And because I'm sure the "oh if we had more offense" remarks are looming after that comment, he's also the only reason Phoenix beat Chicago in 6 games the series before. I distinctly remember thinking that except for Game 2, we outplayed Phoenix in every game, Smith just stopped everything. Pretty much like he did against the Hawks in round 1.

I went back and looked at the SOG in that series and we lost Game 1 after outshooting them 42-24. We somehow lost Game 5 outshooting them 33-17. It was just a weird series, and Smith was largely unbeatable. Phoenix clearly was, but Smith wasn't.

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