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02-06-2014, 10:50 AM
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Alright guys, I have a story/question for you

So the past week or so I've been practicing my iffy slapshot. Normally, I'd look down, straight at the puck, and fire away. This usually produced mixed results, from normal shots to hilarious knucklepucks.

Now however, I've made a slight change to my slapshot game. Instead of staring at the puck for the entire shot, I simply glance at the puck and then look towards the net and fire away. I assumed that my chances of whiffing would skyrocket, but I've actually noticed that my technique has felt a lot more natural, and my shot is incredibly more accurate now that I'm looking where I'm shooting. If I'm in stride, I try not to even glance at the puck at all.

So does everyone look at the net instead of the puck when they rip slapshots? I feel like I've just been slow to learn this entire time haha

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