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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
Oh I do think the reporters are being drama queens about their accommodations and small beds, but the toilet thing is a huge health concern. The facilities will also prove to be inadequate, just wait.
You obviously never attended an event at the old Edmonton Gardens.

The *urinals* consisted of pissing against a block wall. Usually the same wall..but hey you got to smoke fat cigars and drink out of the secret hooch flask while doing it. (I was too young)

ps re "Toilet paper" Gardens management figured hiding a dozen toiler paper rolls around the place was kicking in too much for luxury. For the knowledgeable crowd it was a bring your own tp venue but better yet never have to go in one of the few toilets that actually worked and was unplugged..

For a visual you can watch Trainspotting and the "worst toilet in Scotland"

This was before beer sales at games. The best option always was just not to have to go near the washroom, for any reason.

pps the Gardens was a fire trap and the fire department wanted it condemned for around 15yrs. They had a long drawn out liability waiver written right on the ticket..

"He who enters in here does so at their own poor judgement....." lol

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