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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Lastly, most other GMs seem to agree with me. All over the place teams has locked up their assets. They have not nickle and dimed and many have skipped the bridge contract BS. In light of what Slats doing, my opinion is a bit radical. Not on light of what many others are doing.

I think many just have a bit of a problem understanding the business side of the game. Signing someone is an investment. A young player might cost more y1-y2, but after that (I) he is cheaper and (II) you don't risk loosin him for nothing. With the cap having gone up a lot, many teams are saving a tremendous amount on players they signed to 4-6 year deals.

Slats just dropped the ball here. He spent a bunch of money on Torts players and always only gave the guys that could play shortest possible term. Like Zucc for example. Didn't you think it was ridiculous to give Zucc the contract he got? Wouldn't have been bad to give him a bit of a longer deal in hindsight ehh? How about Stepan, you think it was a good idea to nickle and dime? These deals will cost us a lot. We could have saved money on others -- easily -- and tied them up long term. Let's see who is right in a couple of years.
Locking up a young player to a longer term deal is one thing. I'm all for giving Kreider a 6 year deal. Pay him more now so you can pay him less later.

But Callahan isn't a young player. The number of injuries he has sustained in recent years suggests that he won't be an effective player into his mid 30s. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but that's why no matter what we do, it's a gamble. Give a player a short term contract and he breaks out, now you gotta pay him more. Give a player a long term contract and he regresses, now it's an albatross.

For every Tavares there is a Tyler Myers. Yes, the cap will go up, but that doesn't mean we can afford to waste cap space.

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