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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
How exactly are you going to get proof that MSL would have blossomed here-- You are asking for an impossible scenario. You said you want me to GUARANTEE that he would've succeeded here. What next... you want me to GUARANTEE the next power ball numbers for you too? Get out of fantasy land.

What I can do is show the facts of all the players with some offensive ability who did well here.

Thats exactly my point though, there is no way to know at all that any name you list does well here compared to where they were. I mean look at the past, the names you list are generally guys with one maybe two seasons where they do good to even break 25 goals, yeah thats setting the world on fire.

Frankly do I personally believe that someone like Ovechkin, Crosby or Stamkos comes in and only scores 15g a season? Its possible, unlikely but possible. Do I think any of those players come in and get close to 50 playing for Trotz? I don't think there is anyway in hell they do. Heck I would even argue that Ovechkin would of ended up buried on the 4th line because of his personality and we would be talking about yet another player who didn't fully develop.

Crosby was treated with kid gloves, Pittsburgh did every thing under the sun to insure the guy developed into the super star he is. Do I think he gets that kind of treatment here. No way in hell, I don't think Trotz or Poile is doing anyone that way.

I don't think Trotz nor Poile are horrible at their jobs, but at the same time based on the track record we have seen for 15 years, there is absolutely zero reason to believe that either of them, especially the combination of them will ever have a forward with a name like Stamkos, Crosby or Ovechkin.

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