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02-06-2014, 03:03 PM
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Late to the thread,but might as well point it out.

If you look at the picture with the non divided toilet, you can see that the divider was removed. Theres a line right where the divider should be which indicates to me that it wasnt installed properly/stud isn't there and therefore it would just fall off.

Same thing happened at my work place, no stud for the divider to attach onto and the divider just started sliding off. Had to bring in contractors to install a stud into the wall then reinstall the divider.

And for the toilet paper in garbage bins, in most parts of asia (and especially south east asia), they don't even have toilet paper nor toilet seats. You get a hole in the ground that can flush, and a water hose to wash your bottoms. I figure Sochi is a more countryside type part of Russia that is very poor and along those levels. Eastern europe also has similar things.

Everybody is just spoiled by the standard that is North America and Western Europe, but athletes from poorer areas of the world will find that it is same old.

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