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02-06-2014, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
I've used this argument ad nauseam in various threads on the trade forum.

Since we traded Klein the average age for a Nashville defender is 23.5. That is extremely young for defense in the NHL. If we trade Weber it drops by almost a full year. We simply do not have a veteran presence on the blueline.

Now, one can counter by saying, "Why not get a top line forward, a top prospect, a veteran blueliner and a pick?" Fair point. I would say that having Weber as that veteran presence is of such high value that no teams should want to put together a package that actually meets that value. Having one of the best defensemen in the game guiding young guys like Josi, Jones and MDZ is an awesome luxury. His leadership will also help guide young forwards.

So what we have is a player whose skill alone creates incredibly high value. Then you take into account the youth we have on the blueline, his leadership skills and, lest we forget, the enormous amount of money already paid towards his contract. All of those things put together makes me feel like trading him is a terrible idea, at the moment anyway. Anything can change down the road, but in the here and now there is absolutely no reason to even entertain the idea unless Shero goes insane and offers us Crosby.
But-but-but... offer sheet! Delayed signing! Offense! Ryan Suter! RYAN SUTER!!

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