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02-06-2007, 11:31 PM
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Sigh. What the schools need to do is go out and address these kids and explain to them why they can't just give out free tuition. There are economic arguments here that these kids don't really understand.

The money to run schools has to come from somewhere. If the students don't pay for it, who does? The government, through loans. That, and corporate sponsors and individual donors. So, we can either have classes like "Economics of Drinking Refreshing Molson Beer" and "21st century literature like that really cool article in this month's vogue magazine", or ask the government to pay for it.

If the government pays for it, it also has to come from somewhere. They can either cut funding to other sources (Health Care, Paying off the national debt, other social welfare programs) or raise taxes.
Now I'm sure these kids, who have never paid a dollar of taxes in their lives, would be more than happy with that last solution.
But then what happens when these kids graduate, and realize that taxes are ridiculously high? They will complain again, and ***** about high taxes until someone does something about it.

The fact is, the current Canadian welfare state is a pretty healthy middle ground between an American System which leaves you essentially no chance to go to a decent school without heavy support from your parents or assloads of scholarships, and a European system where everyone has the opportunity to go to school but the taxpayers bear the brunt of the load. This is especially true in Quebec, where tuition is ridiculously cheap. But the fact is, we as Quebecers love to complain!
If we can boo our own players, why can't we complain about high education costs? Or garbage? Or the weather?

Education is affordable for everyone. I was lucky enough to have good grades and get scholarships and have my parents support for the rest of my expenses, however one of my best friends graduated from McGill was the child of a single mother who could barely afford to pay her own rent, and she managed to waitress her way through school even with the out of province fees. She worked her ass off, and managed to get a degree in 5 years, and is an incredible person and will be incredibly successful because of the work ethic that instilled in her.

Anyways, the whole moral of the story is, young liberals inevitably turn into old conservatives, those who work the hardest to get through school get the most out of it, and don't study at the library.

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