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Originally Posted by znk View Post
Most Valuable Poster:Montreal, Qui Gon Dave, McPhee (He's the wisdom...always has the right words to defuse a situation realy good PR with poster of other teams)
Most Offensive Poster (spends all his time attacking):since I have no memory I cant say.
Most Defensive Poster (spends all his time defending):since I have no memory I cant say.
Lady Byng (most peaceful Habs poster):McPhee
Most peaceful outsider:NyQuil
Best avatar: WaffleDave has nice ones. There were others I dont really remember who the emotions of Bob Gainey among others.
Best import (best foreign poster):-
Most Knowledgable Poster:It depends on the subject we've got a few pretty darn knowledgable guys. It's a collective effort.
Calder (Best rookie poster registered in 2006) :since I have no memory I cant say.
Best veteran poster (registered in 2003):McPhee.
Most overrated poster: Clover.
Most underrated poster:Le Tricolore(mjb45) (I dont know why. I know I need to put him on my list somewhere)
Most improved poster: Shabutie (He needs to be on my list too...but I dont know where)
Most hilarious poster:McPhee, Lord Chezz.
Best Overall Poster:McPhee....(I think you'll like this...I see you like the Mitch Mellnik of HFBoards)

Sorry to all the people that I should put on this list but who I'm forgeting because I have no memory and It's late. If you feel you should be're probably right.
Change your avatar n00b. Bring back the weekly Peter Griffin avatars.

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