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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post
Now that we have a new thread, I'd just like to post a reminder - please identify the players. Not everyone is familiar with every era.

Secondly, and this is just my personal pet peeve about what qualifies for this thread - NHL players pictured in world cup/international/olympic uniforms are not good examples, in my opinion. Nor NHL players in their childhood or junior jerseys.

I think the spirit of the thread is that an NHL player is identified with a certain team, and you can't picture him on another NHL team (or WHA team or minor league team in some cases). When he plays a good portion of his career for one team or gains fame with one team, then finishes up with a season or handful of games with one or more other teams, he just doesn't look right in those other uniforms.
Also, please add the games played. I like to use "less than 100-150 GP" as a guideline, although YMMV depending on the player. 150 over 4 seasons might be less obvious than a player with 100 over two seasons.

Darius Kasparaitis, Colorado Avalanche (11 GP, 2001-02)

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