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02-07-2007, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Team_Spirit View Post
Hey the vets are '02

Most Valuable Poster: montreal
Most Offensive Poster (spends all his time attacking): Habitue, Kimota and Stefan sont assez offensif des fois lol
Most Defensive Poster (spends all his time defending):417
Lady Byng (most peaceful Habs poster): Aymand
Most peaceful outsider:NyQuil
Best avatar: Team spirit Halak needs love
Best import (best foreign poster): Qui Gon Dave
Most Knowledgable Poster:Mike8
Calder (Best rookie poster registered in 2006) :JMMR
Best veteran poster (registered in 2002):montreal
Most overrated poster:hmmm, I don't think there's any
Most underrated poster:Mcphee
Most hilarious poster: Lilooet
Best Overall Poster:Qui Gon Dave, Mcphee, Montreal and Mike8 the frozen 4
Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
In that there are no absolutes where we just give opinions, I'll do it this way.

Posters who I read because I learn about the game- Mike8, Munchausen,

Posters who teach me stuff about how the league works Blind Gardien

Posters who inform in terms of prospects Montreal,Qui Gon Dave, thief 50, Razorblade,[drawing a blank on someone]

Posters who can make me laugh loud enough to make my dogs bark Gros Bill,Lilooet,hf4, Blind Gardien, Borat , again I'm forgetting some. I don't include my poutine buddies because they're all institutionalized, and commenting might hinder their therapy. Oh, Aphotic, that guy's hilarious.

Visiting posters who I'd enjoy a beer with Wally,DKH,BBB-The Donair Guy,Nyquil, a bunch of Canes fans, and a bunch of the History board posters who remember the 6 team league, or at least give a crap about it. There's even a few Leaf posters who, to my surprise seem like good guys, their young mod, TU, a Cape Bretoner [forget his screen name]and a guy named Mess knows his hockey inside out.

Offensive- I get mad and snotty with posters, certain things get under my skin, but it's a message board, sometimes we get too wrapped up in being right, and sometimes I should shut up. Glass houses ya know ?

The problem with the lists are that there are about 50 guys I'd love to have a few beers with whose name I won't remeber until their next post, which will in turn make me feel bad, and I don't like to feel bad.
I hate you.

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