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Originally Posted by Sports1131 View Post
Want to get some offense? I'd love to see Grabovski or especially Kostitsyn called up, but why not start with giving Perezhogin a chance on a scoring line instead of having Murray and Downey in the lineup at the same time? It certainly can't make things worse.
I'm with you on this one. I'd love to see Kostitsyn get called up as his play recently has deserved it (especially when you take into consideration the struggles the Habs have had scoring at times). But the better option has to be Perezhogin at this point, as long as he isn't just added onto the 4th line or something else rediculous. The organisation has invested a lot in Kostitsyn, and hopefully they show faith in him next year and give him a proper chance (none of this bounce around the lines, not given any PP time stuff) but they have also invested a lot in Perezhogin and he deserves a chance to show what he can do on a scoring line.

At the moment, the Habs are looking to win a playoff spot so the remaining games are very important. One guy has been with the team all year, the other hasn't. If Kost were to join the team, I'm sure he would have his good moments, but if he struggles or makes a bad play, what happens to him? Same treatment as Pez? Sent down again? Wouldn't do his confidence any good and the team wouldn't benefit a great deal from it. Perezhogin has had his troubles this year and right now, he is sitting in the press box. Get him dressed again, put him on a scoring line and tell him he has 10-15-20 games to give as good an account of himself as he can. Give him every chance possible. Stick him with guys who can create offense, the Pez-Koivu-Kovalev line sounding ideal and see what he can do. At the worst, he sucks and Gainey can get an idea what to do with him at the end of the year. If it works out nicely, we get some offense, we get a young player rounding into form ahead of the playoffs and it might set him up with enough confidence to head into next year really motivated and play solid all year round.

This year, he started off the season in good form and slowed down as we hit the new year, struggling through January. Didn't the exact same thing happen last year? He started off great standing in for Zednik and as the year went on, he got used less and less, took more and more penalties and then when Gainey took over, found his game again and was effective through the playoffs. Whats to say we can't get him to have another turnaround this year? He has his faults, but they aren't irreversable. He has speed and energy, which is never a bad thing. When playing a more defensive role at the start of this year, he did the job. When playing a more offensive role at the start of last year, he did the job then as well. He has all the ability he needs, he just needs some fine tuning and the occassional boot up the rear.

If it doesn't work out for him this year, I have no idea what his plans would be, whether Russia would be an option or how determined he would be to find a place on this team or elsewhere in the NHL. But I do believe he can be a decent player on a top 3 line and although a lot of responsibility rests on the players shoulders, it's also the coaches job to get the best out of his players. Carbo hasn't been happy with him and by now, he has sent his message. As far as a complete outsider can tell, now is the time to bring him back and work him through his troubles and see if you can get something valuable for the team out of him on the ice. If not, why sit him all this time, why not just trade/waive him? If the Habs have any interest in Pez being a part of this team, they won't get a much better opportunity to try and jump start him IMO.

Let Kost try and play a while without Grabovski and give him a chance to play in the playoffs (either NHL or AHL) and give him a proper chance next year and the teams full support. But for now, they have an opportunity to get a young player playing well again, it just depends what they have planned for him. I hope they keep him around a little while longer because I don't see him as a lost cause.

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