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02-01-2004, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Winger98
personal opinion from viewing but not playing: they should go back to wood or aluminum. The one piecers break far more often than I remember the old sticks snapping and whatever increase in velocity players are experiencing isn't exactly pushing goal totals through the roof.
2 of the major reasons for the one piece is the added velocity and the other the weight of the sticks.. wood 'n aluminium are heavier sticks.. i have an easton aluminium, easton composite (cheap older ones, not the one piece) and an easton wooden at my folks place and the weight difference is very much noticeable between the 3, the composite is taped up and its still lighter than the aluminium (which has a lot less tape) and by far then the wooden which isnt even taped.. the one piece's ive seen are rediculously light..
that being said.. JD mentioned a wooden stick which is hollowed out in the middle and in that area, they insert a "honeycomb" structure that increases the tensile strength and lightens the load a lot..
as part of this study, they also got together the stick manufacturers and others as well so they can find a way to make the sticks better/stronger.. for example making certain parts more stronger (the parts that we see break most often) etc, etc..
as far as im concerned as a hockey fan, only good can come out of this lol

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