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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
1) Those sorts of miraculous discoveries are INCREDIBLY RARE. Judging job performance based on failure to produce a once-in-an-average-career event is absurd.
2) Despite that rarity, Nashville HAS GOTTEN SUCH PLAYERS UNDER SUCH RARE CIRCUMSTANCES. It's just that they happen to not be forwards.

You seem to be holding Poile to an impossibly high standard. Yes, I concur he should be doing better with the forwards situation. But to call for his replacement because he hasn't gotten a miracle savior in the 6th round is completely absurd.
I only gave a couple examples-- there are more. It's not 'miraculous' to find offensive talent outside of the top 5 picks in a daft.

Great GMs find way to obtain offensive talent, the rest are David Poile. And, we should be holding him to a high standard.

However get well soon, Poile.

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