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Originally Posted by Darz View Post
Bill's sex life and the habs season are scarily similar!!!!

....actually Bill's sex life and Montreal Canadiens success have been closely tied for a long time.

Between the year of 1956-1979 (when the habs enjoyed their greatest successes), Bill was, um, how do I put, doing quite well for himself.

Then in the 80's, Bill hit a bit of a slid, enjoying brief successes, but it was a decade, in which Bill couldn't live up to his past histroy.

After 1993, Bill had his worst slump in histroy. It was during this period Bill was tagged with the nickname Charmin Ultra Soft because he was now even uh....softer than ever before!
Now in 2007 with a fist full of drugs at his side, Bill is on the rebound. In no way, shape of form, is he the Bill of the 56-79 streak, but then again, how many of us have ever been on a steak like that!!!! Heck most years I'm happy as can be if I can just avoid too many 10 game losing streaks (heck I'm happy if I can get my gf to take a couple holding the stick penalties.....if ya know what I mean!!!)
It was more than mere performance . He had certain hygiene issues, [probably considered the word a form of salutation] that repulsed the opposite sex. In fact, no one would attempt to 'Squeeze the Charmin'.

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