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Originally Posted by canadian_man_44 View Post
Didn't know about Grabs being injured. I have never said I thought Sammy didn't work hard enough. He plays his own style and gets plenty of chances. The strike against him is he seems to have lost the ability to put the puck in the mesh. Kosty may be similar in work effort and talent, but, maybe he can put the puck in the net more. Lord knows he can put the puck in more then Downey and Murray. As far as Ferland, why not give him a chance. He really hasn't had much of a chance in Montreal. Maybe he could contribute and he'd surely give more then Downey and Murray. You never know until you give it a try, then if he doesn't, send him down.
This has been bandied around for a couple of weeks now, maybe longer, but Sammy stopped going to the net. That is his #1 problem. Even if he mailed it in every other night, going to the net on a regular basis would mostly even things out. Heck, going to the net turned Streit into a perimeter D-man to a 1st line winger

I think Ferland will get his big chance next year, as I doubt Murray will be resigned after being waived this year.

Murray and Downey, right now, are doing two things that most of the Habs have gotten away from during their recent slide. They are hitting everything that moves and they are hitting anything that moves hard. When the Habs were doing great earlier in the season, almost everyone on the teams was doing this every game. That, combined with our speed, made us very hard to play against. They got into the habit of not doing this when they had the flu at XMas time (and who can blame them, really) but they forgot to start hitting again when they were healthy. Hopefully the dismal performance against the Isles woke them up (looks good so far).

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