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02-07-2007, 12:38 PM
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Devs Vs Rangers:Then and now...

From the mid to late 90s to 2007 I have noticed an amazing turn of events that honestly has me profoundly confused. The debate has gone on for a long time as to why the Devils consistently ice a quality team. We as Rangers fans give them credit for excellent drafting, good coaching, and have critiicized them also for "boring hockey",the "trap" and Lous ability to manipulate the system.

What I find most frustrating as a Ranger fan, is the N.J Devils ability to change. Starting in the mid 90s the Rangers always seemed to have the better skating teams, but would continously get checked into the ice, and physically worn down by, guys like Holik, Mckay, Peluso. On the defensive side guys like Stevens, Daneyko, Fetisov would bang our forwards hard all night, and take there heads off in front of their net. Many Rangers fans (me included) complained that all the Devils did was hook and hold. They would get their one goal lead, and then stack up the neutral zone, and force the Rangers to dump it, and then go get it. Well,the Rangers never got it.

Fast forward to 2005. I was convinced that these rule changes would put the Devils into scramble mode and force them to revamp their whole philosophy that they had so skillfully mastered.So last night as I sit in front of the tv watching the Rangers vs the Devils for the hundreth time I am watching a Devil team that is still boring, BUT has a completley adapted squad that outskates the Rangers in every facet of the game. They are faster on the dump ins. They are faster carrying the puck through the neutral zone, and they are faster from the front of their nets on a save or deflected shot to to corner boards. It kills me to give credit where credit is do to a hated rival,but the Rangers always seem to not be able to catch on to the games direction. When we had guys like Reijo.Mark Pavelich,Jan Erixon, Mike Rogers, they were superior skaters in a game that had tons of cheap shots ,Intimidation and disregard for rules such as slashing and elbowing.

Then they took that out of the game (sadly IMO )........On to players like Nedved,Dvorak and Hlvac who got hooked and held all night to no avail. So what to the Rangers do. They decide to draft bigger skaters and D-men to play with the likes of teams like the Devils. Great. But then we have a lockout and sweeping rule changes. Somehow (and this is my main point) the Devils come out with players like Parise, Gionta, Martin, Zajac, Oduya, who as far as I can see skate like they have an extra gear compared to the Rangers. The Rangers again are caught going in the wrong direction drafting or trading for the likes of Jessimen, Falardeau, Liffiton,Taylor, who are big and have some talent, but IMO are too slow for the game the way it is played today.

I have realized that the last two drafts 2005, and 2006 are absolutley critical to the future of this franchise right now, and we better pray that guys like Ryan Callahan, Nigel Dawes, Bobby S, Korps come through because riding Staal with either Lundy or Monty will not get it done.
The current New York Rangers are at a crossroads(again) and I'm not confident thinking about that right now.

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