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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
You sure seem to assume it is, given the number of times you've insisted Poile should be fired for not doing it despite the fact that (off the top of my head) maybe five or six GMs in the entire league have pulled off what you're demanding.

I feel like I'm talking to another frustrated Jackets fan, only one with even less justification for his position. There it was "well, we haven't made the playoffs again yet and have no superstars, therefore FIRE SOMEBODY." Here it's almost the same, except it's "we haven't made it past the second round yet and have only two superstars, none of which are forwards, therefore FIRE SOMEBODY." It's just gross.
The general dissatisfaction with me isn't the fact that we haven't done this one thing personel-wise. Every franchise can point at a Doh! move like Brian Finley, etc.

It's that we're essentially the 2nd most irrelevant franchise in the NHL since our existence. Thank heavens for your Blue Jackets.

15 years - no appreciable success whatsoever. We eeked into the playoffs a couple of times. Yes, we've had some challenges. So has just about everyone else.

Also, you say we've got 2 superstars. And I agree. We might have the best defenseman and best goalie on the planet, and we can't even make the playoffs because the team is so poorly constructed that those two superstars are going to waste.

No one ever wants to make a change just for the sake of change - but at what point does banging your head against the wall over and over again just not make any more sense.

Does anyone have any confidence that, after 15 years - The Poile/Trotz plan is the one to bring a cup back to Nashville?

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