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02-07-2007, 11:52 AM
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Rivalries change with time.

Back in the day 6 team league, I'm sure the biggest rivals were probably Boston & Chicago (Montreal, Toronto and Detroit were too consistently great to be real rivals.)

When Philly was great, it was hard not to hate the broad street bullies.

I don't even have to mention how much we hated the Islanders when they join the league and start winning cups like they are taking candy from a baby.

And recently the Devils have been so consistently good (and the Islanders mediocre) that it is easy to dislike them the most.

I'd add: I think trades are also cause rivalries.

But to answer the question: Been a fan since the mid-eighties. So the biggest rivals in my heart are:
1. Islanders - can't even form the words why I dislike them. The sweep in '94 was SWEET!
2. Devils - they are so consistently good even though I feel bad they don't have enough fans.
3. Caps - some playoff series in the 80s, the Bobby Carpenter trade! and they got Jagr when I wanted him! The wins in '94 were sweet!
4. Penguins - they seem to make everyone into a 100 point player
5. Flyers

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