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02-07-2007, 12:29 PM
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Agree with some of what you have to say. Some good points in there about player types and drafting, but i still think its too early to tell whats going to transpire the next few years with both of these teams - specifically the goalies and how they effect each team. But to me the Devil - Ranger comparison is very interesting.

Broduers tenure with the team has no doubt effected the style of play that they continue to stick to year in and year out. Once he begins to diminish in his career and retire, the team is going to be forced to adjust and that is something that is not going to be easy, unless Lou finds the next Broduer. (which would really blow) He in no doubt has been one of the most influential players on any franchises history. Its tough to compare sports... but I always relate him to the Yankees and Mariano Rivera, hes always in the back just waiting. And think of how the Yankees will have to lick their wounds once he is gone, theyve been setting up their bullpen for him for the last 12 years.

Lundqvists development is also a question for the Rangers, as he gains experience the team begins to shift differently as well. Hockey teams are always built with the idea of the goalie on out and we have a very good young sophmore goalie who is only going to get better IMO. The rest of the team and drafts have to mature as well and thats really up to them and the upper management filling in the holes. (When Jagr goes, who's the star?) This recent acquistion of Avery could be a big one considering he can play and fight. TO me the most important idea with that trade is that he hopefully build a tought identity on home ice and thats something that is sorely needed.

Good post, but next time could you please break into paragraphs!??

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