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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Any system that ties player quality into the number of teams this strongly is a non-starter as far as I am concerned
I'll be honest that I don't understand your hangup about this..

Neither method can make any definitive estimation of player quality across time -- only an estimation of player quality in the year they are applied.

Taking an average opportunity player (the number of first liners per team for example) and comparing the top players to that average player will tell you how much more valuable a player is than an average player in generally the same role. Sort of a points above replacement for skaters.

Meanwhile VsX just starts from the other end and rates players in comparison to #2 or #3 etc. depending on the year.. I would honestly expect that standard to fluctuate more just because it is dependent on the outliers by definition (even if we do lop off the really outrageous ones).

Neither system can tell you that player x in 1991 is better or worse than player y in 1950 with any degree of certainty over one another.

You may consider that the 2nd best player in the league is a relatively constant bar to set but I don't see how the "average first liner with relatively the same opportunities" in the league would be any less constant a standard.

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