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02-07-2014, 03:20 PM
Grant McCagg
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If over a ten-year period a club drafts 12 skilled forwards in the top two rounds...not every one of those players is going to play in the top just doesn't add up. So over a few-year will see teams add character players with higher picks in the hope that they can form an excellent third line someday.

A lot of teams don't have designated lines any more anyway, and a perceived third line can be as valuable or played as much as a perceived second line...

look at the top teams like St. Louis, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago..all of the top teams have excellent third lines...winning teams often have top 60 picks playing on their third lines.

Outside of the top ten lots of character players are chosen...Tom Wilson being a good example a couple of years ago. It's not like Mac was a top ten selection..he was picked towards the end of the first, and he is projected to be a huge, tough presence on a strong third line down the road, perhaps at center. A lot of teams will take that with a 25th overall pick, especially if that's a good fit...McCarron will be a good fit.

Look at the two Cup winning teams last year. Two of their most valuable players were character forwards who were top 50 picks..Lucic and Bickell. Those guys weren't picked for their skill.

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