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02-07-2014, 02:40 PM
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^^^ Yes isnt though eh? Amazing what you find. In this instance Im actually a little surprised that league be damned, Smythe just didnt order his goalie to don some kind of a mask regardless. Same thing later on in the 30's with the helmet trials after Bailey was felled. The Major there ran that organization with an Iron Fist. You were seen being pleasant to a Blackhawk, Red Wing, any opposition player and he considered it "Fraternizing With the Enemy". If you criticized the organization in any way whatsoever, "Treason". One way ticket to the minors. Traded. He'd rarely show up in the dressing room before a game or in-between periods but when he did, look out. Absolutely excoriate first the entire team, then go from player-player just taking them apart inch by inch. Didnt matter if it was Ted Kennedy or whomever. Rip right into them for substandard play.... and very protective of his players, riling against what he'd considered dirty play or a cheap shot. Chasing Bill Gadsby out of the building post game with invective & profanity, "your days are numbered" etc after Bill had leveled Horton with a totally clean check, putting Tim in the hospital.

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