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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
The period immediate following expansion is particularly difficult to analyze. It's not easy for any single metric to truly, exactly, clearly illustrate what was going on during that time. It actually became substantially easier for stars to score (even adjusted) points, but this fact was partially obscured by the futility of the lesser teams (mostly composed of lesser players), so that the league averages didn't reflect the ease with which star players (mostly on O6 teams) could score points.

There are flaws with any metric, but I believe the flaws of simple adjusted points or "Vs1N Canadians" (average of top N Canadian players; N = # teams) are much less than that of raw data or "VsX." I don't expect that everyone will agree with this.
Surprised by the bolded. The 1967 expansion featured players from the minors, mainly with NHL experience being brought in under the NHL umbrella. Hardly any juniors or other feeder players were accelerated to the NHL.

The various metrics making the rounds are not NHL exclusive. They may be applied to the AHL, WHL, CHL, etc in a fashion that will give a picture of the individual talents in the minor league feeder system.

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