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02-07-2014, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
With the opening ceremonies having taken place, it's time for the media to grow a pair and start reporting on the games and not the conditions of their hotel rooms and bathrooms.

This "woah is me" garbage they've been reporting got old about a week ago.
Probably gonna be hard for the press to get over what a joke this Olympics is given all the nightmare surroundings and juxtaposition of 51Billion in Olympic spending surround by poverty.

I imagine the first thing one would note, just like in Beijing, is what a mistake and absolute mess the whole thing is. Probably the first thought anybody gets arriving. Although I have no idea how anybody would want to.

Any press of this is going to feature the lie that this Olympics is, much like it did in China.

It seems as if all the reports are sounding like "ski hill built in gold" and highway "made out of caviar"

The whole graft and corruption and scandal preceding this is pretty hard to avoid.

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