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02-07-2014, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Savi View Post
It's definitely better than before, however they should try to find some middle ground between earlier updates, and the last one. They edited a handfull of CHL prospects and made them Crosby/Stamkos-like. Which means that, if you're able (like London or Erie did in my game) to trade for a couple of them, you're basically unbeatable.

The 2014 draft is being talked about as pretty weak, but then you see Reinhart for example..

He's probably pretty good, but he must have some flaws, no? All due respect to the guys at TBL but that's a pretty lousy way of updating. I don't know what kind of manpower they have to edit everyting tho'. But just editing some of the best prospects doesn't work because the other 80% of CHL players then gets random stats (and for some reason EHM limits random stats to 2/3/4/5's - which then results in huge quality disadvantages for some teams)
Holy cow, Reinhart turned out nothing like that in my file (and I've got CHL leagues enabled). This is him in 2011 in my game:

Maybe some of it is due to the random attributes becoming good. Edit for myself, has there been more releases of the 2013/2014 DB cause this is the first release of it that I have... maybe that's why.

Originally Posted by archibalduk View Post
I asked Manimal about the CHL. He says he is working on the upcoming draftees and that this should resolve things for v6.2 of the rosters.
Question for you, I've been thinking about the last few times I've been playing EHM: how certain is it that a player will hit his PA, and do you know if there's a certain age when guys will stop being able to up their CA?

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