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02-07-2007, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by towely View Post
i never said this years devils team is the best devil team ever.
and i certainly did not expect anyone to be suprised about the devils team history that i mentioned because as a ranger fan its all too painfully clear.
and my mentioning of the teams past season was just to point out that they not only are a top 5 team now they have been for the last dozen or more years and their are not many teams that have been as consistent over that time period.
but i did answer your question about this years squad as far as how they rank here and now in the league this year which is tied for 4th in the league. so in case you have troubles with numbers 4 is less than 5 which i beleive answers your question of the devils being a top 5 team now this year.
so please explain to me how the answers i gave you to them being a top five team now based on their record and the current official standings of the nhl suggests that i am not up to speed and living in the past off video tape when the answer i gave you is not my creation its fact. so stop trying to make me look like the fool when you were the one asking a question that could have been simply answered by opening up the morning paper.
and just to clarify your own inability to read and lack of smarts i never implied you were being sarcastic.
Since you wrote something and then denied you wrote it within the same thread I see no point in continuing.

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