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02-07-2007, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by skidrangers View Post
Apples to Oranges, the East and Atlantic in general is a joke in NBA. However, agreed Rangers struggles have left them in rough state. Maybe I am in denial, but I really hope your in better shape then the Knicks. This post looks good for Dolan, comparing whose worst.
agreed with apples and oranges however knicks have a lot of developing talent and if not for a cap or their financial restrictions they'd be in better shape than the rangers

curry, lee, crawford each have made major strides in development this year

qrich has improved, frye started off slow but is at where he was last season, same with stef although his performance has been better than last season (not the same old stef though, whether you see that as good or bad).. then there's balkman who has provided a lot for a little.. the rest have been garbage, james, jeffries, francis etc.. giant wastes of cap space.. robinson has regressed a bit but its not hurting the team

really as good as their improvements have been, it comes down to curry, if he continues to evolve into a dominant center they are in great shape

their major problem is defense then consistency

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