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02-07-2007, 05:05 PM
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You're all going on my blacklist.

First, no one mentions Le Tricolore and there is little mention of Lordchezz!

Then I get several nominations for the Lady Byng...

The freeekin' lady Bing... what the hell am I gonna do with that.

Last year I was a Calder nominee, now I'm going for the Lady Byng.... Whatever...


McPhee lists hundreds of people whe could have a beer with but forgets that we've actually had several beers together on now like 4 different occasions! Not to mention I've already fondled Clover

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
There are a number of posters that I wish would post more, benji, Stone Cutter, Carbo N8, Istvan, that group of rowdy Poutiners who seem to have surreptitiously started their own breakaway board hidden in the dark echoing caverns of Carolina's... but who really ought to be around here more often. AymanD and Artie why hast thou forsaken us? :
Artie and I are too busy running a revolution here. Sooooorrryy if spilling our blood sweat and tears heeding the cry of noble poutine battles leaves us little time to discuss what Samsonov said in the papers today....

No but seriously...

Most Valuable Poster: Blind Gardien
Most Offensive Poster (spends all his time attacking): Stefan_Latulipe
Most Defensive Poster (spends all his time defending): WaffleDave (Though he's a genuinely good poster and seems to be a good guy... for an anglo)
Lady Byng (most peaceful Habs poster): Le Tricolore
Most peaceful outsider: Trasported Upta.... whatever his name is
Best avatar: ZNK
Best import (best foreign poster): GME
Most Knowledgable Poster: Mike8
Calder (Best rookie poster registered in 2006) : ----- GTFO n000bs!!!!
Best veteran poster (registered in 2003): McPhee
Most overrated poster: n00b king
Most underrated poster: Capitano
Most improved poster: NewHabsArea
Most hilarious poster: Lilooet
Best Overall Poster: Habfan4, Blind Gardien, Gros Bill, Mike8, Mcphee.... can't choose

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