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Originally Posted by donutboy View Post
This comment is moronic. If you read the entire post, you would realize how stupid it was to compare me to Renney when I'm calling for Dawes and Callahan to be called up and said it should have happened a long time ago. I also find it funny you defend Prucha. Sorry, Prucha has been worthless and he has nobody to blame but himself. He was a beanpole last year and he did absolutely nothing in the off-season to bulk up. In other words. He showed no effort to improve his game.
whoa homie... i was just comparing your statement on Prucha as "worthless" to that of Renney's treatment of him (as a 3rd line player).

And I defend him because I believe he can play, and I do not think last year was a fluke. given the chances he's gotten no wonder some people think he's worthless. Yes the kids small, but did that stop him from scoring 30 last year and does that stop him everytime he gets up after a hit? no

AND... you're arguing that Prucha's small and hasn't bulked up.. did you happen to check the size of Dawes? Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm against brining him up, just arguing a point.

But anyway, we should prob get on topic here.
So ye, Matt Cullen... ummm can I say overpaid?

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